Janesville Arise

ARISE Town Square - Construction Timeline

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Project Start Date End Date
Cobblestone Hotel corner of Milwaukee and River March 2018 December 2018
Court Street 2‐Way Conversion May 2018 July 2018
West Bank Improvements, Phase II
(includes Ice Age Trail relocation and Dodge Street Parking Lot)
June 2018 October 2018
River Street conversion to Festival Street June 2018 October 2018
Milwaukee Street Bridge
(River Street to Main Street)
October 2018 August 2019
Pedestrian Bridge over Rock River Nov/Dec 2018 Aug/Sept 2019
East Bank Improvements
(S Water Street from Court Street to Milwaukee Street)
May/June 2019 Sept/Oct 2019
West Milwaukee Street Construction
(Locust to River Street)
April 2020 November 2020