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Your Views: Construction booming in Janesville this year

Source: GazettExtra Opinion
October 15, 2019

Janesville, WI - This year has been very busy with building construction activity in the city of Janesville. From the completion of two new hotels adding 140 rooms to new retail and restaurant construction, the city of Janesville has seen a flurry of activity. Construction has begun on two multifamily developments with additional apartment units coming to the market in 2020, which will help alleviate the current housing shortage. Commercial building activity remains steady and more than 80 new housing permits have been issued providing a total value of building activity of more than $73 million to date.

In addition to issuing permits, the knowledgeable and dedicated staff of the city’s building and development services division is responsible for the following:

• Building, heating/cooling, electrical and plumbing inspections.

• Commercial and residential building plan review and approval.

• Occupancy inspections and certificates.

• Staff for the zoning board of appeals.

• Review and approval of commercial signs.

• Responses to complaints from citizens regarding building, zoning and commercial property code violations.

We also work with many other city departments and divisions, including the fire department, to make sure buildings and structures are built to code to protect life and safety. For more information about the building division, I invite you the visit the city of Janesville website at

Building director for the department of public works building division